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Memory A Yakima warrior of the spirit looks out at us with a mixture of weariness, directness, dignity, and strength a survivor.

To be a survivor as we all are to be a witness in the face of despair and hardship is a spiritual feat.

Memory yet remains forever a person of proud stature and heritage, embodying the values of the Native American peoples. Memory expresses awareness of and respect for the power and sacredness of nature through Native American arts, crafts, songs, stories, ceremonies and dances. Memory embodies the sacred and the creative.

"Bright days and dark days were both expressions of the Great Mystery, and the Indian reveled in being close to the Great Holiness."


From Winter Meditations with Native American Elders by Don Coyhhis; Published by
Books Beyond Borders, 1994

Dimensions: 22" x 30"  

To order a copy of "Memory" please:

1. Call Amy Stein at (505) 983-2069.  

2. Or send check or money order (US funds), or Visa/MasterCard # and exp. date to:
    Amy R. Stein
    501 Rio Grande Avenue, #G3
    Santa Fe, NM 87501

3. Or use order form on this web site.

4. Or FAX order to (505) 983-4688

5. Or E-mail to astein983@aol.com

The price of the print is $60.00 signed.

Shipping: Add $10 for 1 print, $15 for two prints.

Amy will be glad to personalize this print to you or to a friend.


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