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"Taos Desert Spring"
    "The Angel"                                                     "Memory"        
           "Windsong"                                         "Morning Serenade"      
             "Little Yellow Flower"               "Woman from San Ildefonso Pueblo"        
    "Stringing Chili Ristras"                      "Gift of the Grandmother"    
"Angel of the Roses"                                       "Apache Woman" 
"Koshare" *                                             "Madam Butterfly" *

"Adobe Sunset - Diptych"                        "Adobe Sunset - Triptych"



"White Roses"

* Can be purchased as matted signed/numbered shrink-wrapped prints. The outer edge of the mat measures 16" x 20" and the image size is 11" x 17". 

Each print is $65 plus $15 for shipping for a total of $80. 

Each 11" x 17" print can be purchased unmatted and signed/numbered for $20 plus $8 shipping for a total of $28.





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