"She is a tree of Life to those who hold on to her." (Prov. 3:18) Her branches and shoots are the nerves and vessels of this world coursing beneath our surfaces, pulsing through our veins. A blueprint underlying the cosmos. The primary process of being. The inner structure of consciousness. The way of the Tao. "And all her paths are peace."(Prov. 3:17).  —The River of Light by Lawrence Kushner

“We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder and our souls are deep with.” — Gypsy proverb

"Simplicity without a name Is free from all external aim.  With no desire, at rest and still, All things go right as of their will.” Tao Te Ching by Lao Tze

"She lies on the earth and is molded like the earth is molded, so that she will have the power of the earth. She is blessed with sacred power.” - American Indian Families by Jay Miller


The Story of “Emergence”

In attempting to describe this painting, "Emergence," I felt at a loss to explain her expression and the meaning of this print. She seems to have an expression of "knowingness," mystery and a sense "becoming". What she is emerging from and going towards is a matter of conjecture. I see in her eyes a transcendent moment of grace, of consciousness—a soul wrapped in mystery. The word "revelation" comes to mind. In her penetrating glance I see her spirit emerging.

The following quotes seem to say more than a mere description. Perhaps poetry is the true language of the soul:

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